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About us

HARE and Beauty was founded by Sophie Hare.

Whilst Sophie was at school/sixth form/college, (15-19) she had 5 part time jobs- she started doing friend's and family's nails. Soon friends of friends and friends of family started to want their nails doing too. Sophie then went on to finish her beauty course and qualified in other treatments which she then offered to the small clientele she had built up.

Once Sophie had passed her driving test, she started up her business under the name "Beautifuel" and offered mobile services. After roughly 1 year, Sophie's clientele got big enough to start dropping one part-time job at a time. She then started renting her first salon on Ruskington High Street and rebranded changing the name to  'HARE and Beauty', using her surname as a play on words. The salon opened March 2015.

After 4 years in the little salon (two rooms- 1 floor), Sophie reinvested and bought the salon she is in today (12 rooms, 2 floors)!

The salon has a lovely team and it runs like clockwork. All staff are friendly and smiley and nothing is ever too much. 

We like to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques within the industry.

We hope you love visiting as much as we love pampering!

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